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Aquire the knowledge and skills advanced drone pilots require before taking the exam by completing this course.


Do I Need an Advanced Drone License?

To operate a drone that weighs 250 grams or more in populated areas, an advanced drone license is required. This is due to the restriction that basic license holders cannot fly within 100 feet of people, while those with an advanced license may do so, provided they use an appropriate drone. Make sure you choose the right drone for advanced operations. Another reason you might need an advanced drone license is if you plan to fly inside controlled airspace. Most towns and cities are within controlled airspace.

Use Nav Drone's interactive map to see if you're in controlled airspace.

How Do I Get an Advanced Drone License?

In order to obtain an advanced drone license you must pass the advanced drone exam on Transport Canada's website and then complete an in-person flight review. Transport Canada strongly recommends that you attend a drone flight school before attempting their exam. That’s why we created this online course to help you ace Transport Canada’s drone exams.

What is the Advanced Drone Exam Like?

This image of an hour glass is meant to represent the time limit for the Canadian drone pilot certificate exam.

Time Limit

60 Minutes

# of Questions

50 Questions


Multiple Choice, Open Book

Passing Grade


Exam Fee


Retake Policy

Wait 24 Hours

Age Requirements

16 Years+

3 Steps to Get Your Advanced License

The Flight Review

After passing your exam but before getting your advanced pilot certificate, Transport Canada requires that you first pass an in-person flight review. A flight review consists of a conversation to verify your knowledge on the topics in this course and a short flight.


Course Curriculum

Study at your own pace with full, lifetime access. Our courses cover all of the topics required by Transport Canada and consists of written material, illustrations, audio, and quizzes.

Section 1: Air Law, Air Traffic Rules and Procedures

Section 2: RPAS Airframes, Power Plants, Propulsion and Systems

Section 3: Human Factors

Section 4: Meteorology

Section 5: Navigation

Section 6: Flight Operations

Section 7: Theory of Flight

Section 8: Radiotelephony