We Operate Drones Across Canada & the United States

Flight Photo helps to reduce risk and cut costs in virtually every major industry with the help of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS)


Thanks to the improvement in drone tech, filmmakers are enjoying the benefits that come with flying. Today, drones allow us to execute shots that ten years prior would have required a dolly, a crane, or helicopter. Having the freedom to fly has given directors greater flexibility to create unique shots. DJI's Inspire 2 allows us to capture in 5.2K CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes.


Utilize drone imagery during every phase. DTMs and DSMs generated using drone data help identify drainage points, changes in elevation and other factors that enable you to choose the best location during bidding / pre-planning. Run cut & fill analysis in less time, validate completed work to permit continued work, and update stakeholders. During the handover having detailed documentation benefits both parties.


Manage billions of inspection images using a neural network specifically trained to identify defects and safety hazards. Then review highlighted defects from multiple angles using high-resolution images. We operate drones to capture imagery for inspections of wind turbines, solar farms, cooling towers, powerlines, pipelines, and cell towers. Flight automation software allows us to map out flight paths that wrap tightly around structures.


Multi-Flight Discount

We offer a Multi-Flight Discount when you hire our team for more than one drone flight. This discount varies based on the number of flights you hire us to operate, but is typically between 10% and 20%.

Flat Rates

We provide a single fixed fee for our services. The price we quote is the price you will see on your invoice, unless you approve a modification to your request. If we experience weather delays, travel issues, or rejection of a flight plan you will not be billed.

Our Story

Flight Photo was founded in 2017 with the aim of providing professional drone services to the construction and real estate industries in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our mission is to consistently deliver awe-inspiring imagery while increasing the legitimacy of the drone industry.

Shortly after launching we landed our first customer through our website. The St. Norbert Farmers’ Market hired us to capture photos and video to improve their marketing.

Fast forward a couple of years, Flight Photo is capturing images for 3D modeling of critical infrastructure across North America, such as wind turbines and solar farms. Our fleet expanded to include the DJI Matrice 210, Inspire 2, Zenmuse XT2 and X5S.

Putting in the effort to follow regulations helps ensure we will be here to serve our customers for the long run. Utilizing the best equipment enables our experienced pilots to get the job done right the first time.