Solar Panel Inspections

View the Complete Picture Using Drones

Collect Data 50x Faster
Using Drones

Use Cases for Drones in Solar

More Data, more insights. Drones allow us to image an entire solar farm in a matter of hours. View the complete picture to help allocate maintence crews more precisely & recover lost revenue caused by equipment malfunctions. We deploy pilots to British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.

Damage & Faults

Locate malfunctions down to individual cells.


Progress Reports, QA, and Logistics Planning.

Asset Transfer

Overview Operational Health of Solar Farms.

Inspect Roofs

Take Measurements. Identify Obstructions.


Post-Storm Inspections to Locate Damage.


Assess vegetation conditions between racking.


Analyise fence perimeter to identify damage.


Identify relative ground elevation changes.

Thermal Inspection of Solar Panels

Identify malfunctions quickly and with a higher level of percision by using drones. FlightPhoto can capture and analyise thermal and RGB maps of your entire solar farm. Thermal images help to identify damage and faults in solar panels in order to repair, replace, or request a warranty. Our pilots are certified thermographers and operate either the DJI M30T or M350. The M30T and M350 are DJI's most recent thermal inspection drones. Using drones to inspect solar farms results in higher quality data captured in less time.